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Log In and Out of Devices

Tap the Queues and devices button in the top right corner:

The Queues tab will open. Go to the Devices tab:

  1. List of devices you are logged in to. Tap the cross to remove the device from My Devices.

  2. Tap Connect device... to open a list of your available devices. Tap the device you want to add. It will appear under My devices

    1. If you want to use the Daktela app to make and receive calls via your phone's internet connection, select a WSS SIP device – you can recognise it by this symbol once it is selected:

      Making and receiving calls using a WSS SIP device is in the beta stage – we currently do not guarantee full functionality.

    2. If you want to make and receive calls using the mobile phone you are running the app on via your mobile voice services, select your mobile phone as a device or enter your phone number in 3. below.

  3. Enter a call forwarding number and tap Save. This will apply to all of your incoming and outgoing calls.

Admin tip

If you are using Daktela version 6.20.3 or higher, you can set up WSS devices that will only work with the Mobile App. This will prevent any clashes with browser-based WebRTC.

Go to Manage → Devices → SIP Devices, open your device and tick Mobile only.

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