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Make a Call

Follow these instructions to start a new call. You can also start a new call from activity details, CRM module and Tickets. Once you get to the New outbound call screen, the method is the same.

To start a new call, tap the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap Dialpad.

You can add the dialpad to the bottom navigation bar in the preferences.

The Dialpad will open:

Start typing a phone number or tap Contacts to select contact. Select contact in the list or finish typing your phone number, then tap Confirm at the bottom of the dialog to start your call.

  • If you have selected your mobile phone as your device, you will a receive a call from Daktela. Accept it to start the call to the number you have selected in the app.

  • If you have selected a WSS SIP device, the call will open in the app. You can mute your microphone and end the call using the buttons:

When you finish your call:

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