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Manage a Call

When you make a new call or accept an incoming call using the Mobile App, its details will open:

Transfer a Call

Transfer a Call

Tap the Transfer button to transfer a call to another user.

  1. The window with options will open. Tap Transfer or Blind transfer.

    Blind transfer: your call will be ended as soon as you tap the option. The customer will be on hold while the phone is ringing and will be connected to the new agent as soon as they answer. The new agent will only know the customer's name or phone number and that you have transferred the call to them.
    Transfer: the customer will be put on hold. You will be connected to the agent you are transferring the call to so you can explain to them what the customer needs. When the agent answers the phone, your Phone call will look like this:

  2. Tap the user or queue to tranfer the call.

  3. Your call will be transfered.

Once the call ends, you will see the activity details:

  1. Redial the phone number.

  2. Save and end the activity. Depending on your queue settings, you may need to select a status. Select a status and tap Save.

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