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Work with Chats

New incoming chat notifications appear at the top of the app. Click the green button to accept the chat:

The Daktela Mobile App currently doesn't support push notifications. To accept incoming activities, you need to have the app open.

You can also start a new chat from scratch or from the CRM module.

The Chat will open:

  1. Add an attachment. Tap the Folder to add files stored on your phone, the Camera to take a picture and the Videocamera to shoot a video.

  2. Type your chat message.

  3. Send your message.

  4. Postpone your chat so you can finish it later. You can retrieve it from your Postponed activities.

  5. Transfer activity. Tap the user from the list to transfer the activity to that user.

  6. Invite a user to the activity. Tap the user from the list to invite that user to the activity.

  7. End your chat. Depending on your queue settings, you may need to select status. Select a status and tap Save.

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