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ClickUp is a project management tool. This integration uses Daktela Hub and connects ClickUp's tasks and Daktela's tickets. It can sync:

  • comments,

  • assignee (user),

  • status (stage),

  • priority,

  • due date (deadline),

  • custom fields.

If you would like to use the integration, you need to have created an account on the Daktela Integrations platform. Please get in touch with us at before continuing with the next steps.



If you would like to use the integration, please get in touch with us at before continuing with the next steps.

  • created Daktela integration in Daktela Hub system (associated access token will be used as an API user)

  • API user in ClickUp

  • paired Daktela and ClickUp users, ie. Daktela user's notification email has to be equal with ClickUp user's email

Integration setup

Integration setup

  • sign in into ClickUp using API user account

  • click on this link

  • select workspace and click to Connect Workspace

  • OAuth will redirect you to the Hub, where you can create a new ClickUp integration. Fill in the title, select the ClickUp workspace (if you've previously selected multiple workspaces), choose the Daktela integration, and click the Save button.

Configuration setup

Configuration setup

Once you successfully create an integration between Daktela and ClickUp you are able to set up sync rules. Open your connector through link on ClickUp connectors screen.

Now you are on list of your CU integration configurations. Press + to create a new configuration. You are able to create as many configurations as you wish.

To pair a ClickUp's task and a Daktela's ticket, you need pairing custom field of type URL on both sides (ie: in form of ClickUp lists you want to sync and in form Daktela categories you want to use). This field contains link to object on the other side.

Configuration steps:

  1. Categories and spaces - select Daktela category and ClickUp space and list. When you create a new ticket in selected category, then appropriate task in ClickUp will be created in selected space.

  2. Pairing URL fields - select URL custom field from Daktela category's form and URL custom field from ClickUp list's form. In these custom fields will be stored links to the other side.

  3. Custom fields - pair custom fields from Daktela and ClickUp you want to sync. NOTE: field type from one side must be with type on the other side.

  4. Conditions (optional) - specify further conditions of the sync. All the AND conditions and at least one OR condition must be satisfied. Daktela conditions are used in Daktela -> ClickUp direction. On the other side ClickUp conditions are used in ClickUp -> Daktela direction. Only custom fields' conditions are supported at the moment.

ClickUp webhook

ClickUp webhook

To sync data from ClickUp to Daktela you need to register a webhook to handle changes that will happen in ClickUp. On list of your CU integration configurations in Webhook actions column are visible available webhook actions. In case you haven't created a webhook yet, there is only + button to create a new webhook. Otherwise 3 buttons are visible: info button to check webhook status, refresh button to refresh the webhook and delete button to delete (deactivate) the webhook.

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