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Daktela places great emphasis on the security of customer data and the protection of personal data.

When using AI technologies, we primarily cooperate with companies that operate their solutions within the European Union (EU) and DPA (Data Processing Addendum) agreements are available, which obligate companies to comply with the obligations arising from the European Regulation GDPR (EU) 2016/679.

Starting with the new version 6.25, Daktela integrates AI technologies into the user interface. The "Communication Summarization" functionality and the functionality, extended grammatical and stylistic proofreading, are focused on the customer's text conversation and use GPT technology with API integration. 

For GPT integration, Daktela uses its own Azure OpenAI endpoint, which is operated by Microsoft in the EU. However, customer data processed by Azure OpenAI is not sent to OpenAI OpCo, LLC. nor are they used to train OpenAI models.

The input data for GPT is sent via a secure communication API (TLS), then it is automatically processed by the GPT model and returned to the Daktela system, where it can be stored or further processed. In this way, the risk of unauthorized access to data is minimized.

The Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum (DPA) applies to all services provided by Microsoft, including the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service.

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