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Pipedrive is a system for handling deals and leads. This integration can export deals from Pipedrive into Daktela, where it creates campaign records. Once an agent closes a call activity associated with a campaign record, the integration will push the call activity into Pipedrive (activityCall::close event).

This integration is using Daktela Integrations Platform aka Labs.

If you would like to use the integration, you need to have created an account on the Daktela Integrations platform. Please get in touch with us at before continuing with the next steps.



  • created Daktela integration in Daktela Integrations Platform

Integration setup

Integration setup

  • Install Daktela app for Pipedrive.

  • OAuth redirects you to Labs where you can create a new Pipedrive integration. There is only one mandatory field, which is the Daktela instance (see prerequisites).

  • When the integration is created, open its detail and create a Daktela event and generate form fields. Once you are done, (in your Daktela instance) put created form fields into a form of a record type you want to use.

How does it work?

How does it work?

  • You are able to export deals via three dots button in detail of a deal or in deals list after you select some deals. Click on Contact in Daktela button.

  • Select CRM record type from your Daktela instance. When you click on Upload, new campaign record with deal's phone number will be created. Pipedrive fields mentioned above in integration setup must be contained in selected record type's form.

  • Once you load campaign record and make a call, then the activity will be sent into Pipedrive and associated with appropriate deal.

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