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Go to Application → Wallboards to set up and open screens that contain important real-time contact centre metrics.

Create a New Wallboard/Edit a Wallboard

Create a New Wallboard/Edit a Wallboard

  1. To create a Wallboard:

    1. from scratch, click Add new in the top right corner.

    2. using an existing Wallboard as a template, click Clone in the Actions column.

  2. To edit an existing Wallboard, click its title.

The Wallboard details will open.

  1. Fill out the Title and Description.

  2. Enter a Message. It will appear at the top of your Wallboard.

  3. Select a Theme from the dropdown menu: Dark, Gray, Light, Custom CSS.

  4. If you have selected Custom CSS in the previous step, enter it in Custom CSS.

You can now select the widgets you want to include in your Wallboard.

Select Rights

Select Rights

Select which agents can work with the Wallboard by clicking Change in the Rights column.

Check the rights that can work with the Wallboard and click Save.

Select Widgets, Statistics, Analytics, One Metric Widgets 

Select Widgets, Statistics, Analytics, One Metric Widgets 

Create a new Wallboard or open an existing one to open the report details.

  1. Drag items from the Widgets, Statistics, Analytics or One metric widgets lists and drop them into the Wallboard field. Click the Split button to set up multiple columns and adjust their width using the plus and minus signs.

  2. Click the Settings button to open further filters and settings:

    1. Set up your columns by dragging items from the Available field to the Selected field.

    2. Select the Users and Queues you want to include in the statistic. Leave empty to include all.

    3. Set up any other filters depending on the selected widgets/statistics/analytics.

  3. Save your Wallboard.

Widget notes

Widget notes

Service availability (SVL and SLA)

Service level (SVL) is calculated as Number of answered interactions  / Total number of interactions.

Service level agreement (SLA) is calculated as Number of answered interactions within the SLA Threshold / (Total number of interactions - Number of interactions abandoned before the Abandon Threshold - Number of interactions abandoned after the Abandoned Threshold but before the Service Level Threshold)

You can set up what colour your SVL and SLA will be on the Wallboard using the Target SVL and Target SLA Thresholds.

View Wallboard

View Wallboard

In the Wallboard list, click the blue Report button in the Actions column to view your Wallboard.

The Wallboard will open in a new browser tab.

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