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Go to Manage → Settings → Pauses to set up the pauses your agents will be able to work with.

Agents on Pause won’t receive any activities from queues.

Pause Types

Pause Types

All Pauses can be either paid on unpaid depending on your selection in the Pause details.

Pause Type



Used when an agent is inactive at a time when they should be active.

The pause starts automatically if:

  • Automatic pause is set up in an incoming queue and an agent doesn't answer an incoming activity before Ring time runs out, or

  • Automatic pause is set up in an incoming queue and an agent rejects an incoming activity, or

  • Time without activity is set up in a manual campaign queue and an agent exceeds it, or

  • Automatic pause is set up in a custom pause with a Max duration and an agent exceeds the pause's time limit.

You can change the name of the pause and whether or not it is paid.


The pause can only be started and ended from an agent's SW or HW phone by dialling a feature code.

  • It must be enabled in Routings → Calls → Advanced settings → Feature codes → Internal application.

  • The default codes are:

    • DND on: *181

    • DND off: *182

You can change the name of the pause and whether or not it is paid.


Used to give agents a short break between activities.

The pause starts automatically after an agent saves an activity from a queue that has Wrapup time set up. After Wrapup time runs out, the pause is automatically ended.

You can change the name of the pause and whether or not it is paid.

Custom pause

A pause that agents can start manually.

You can change all its settings.

Create a New Pause/Edit a Pause

Create a New Pause/Edit a Pause

Go to Manage → Settings → Pauses to see a list of your pauses.

To create a new Pause from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing Pause as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.

To edit a Pause, click its title.

The Pause details will open.

You can only have one pause each of the types DND, Lazy and Wrap.

You can have as many Custom pauses as you need.

Pause Details

Pause Details

Set up your Pause:




See Pause Types above. 

Selected automatically depending on the type of pause you have opened.

Display name

Enter the name that will be displayed when the pause is active.


Toggle whether the pause is paid or not.

Max duration

If you want to limit the max. length of the pause, enter it here in minutes. Set to 0 for no limit.

Renewal (if Max duration set)

Select when the user's quota will be renewed. If the pause is not Repeatable, the user will receive the Max duration as a quota. If it is Repeatable, the user will receive Max number per day as a quota and the Max duration will be used for each pause.
Daily at Midnight: the quota will be reset to its full amount every day at midnight. This option is best if you prefer a predictable reset time that aligns with the start of a new day.
Running 24-Hour Period: the quota will be renewed on a rolling basis, 24 hours after each usage. This option ensures flexibility, allowing the quota to be refreshed exactly 24 hours after it is used, regardless of the time of day.


Enable this option if the pause can be used multiple times per day. Set a daily limit and a mandatory timeout period between pauses to ensure breaks are taken responsibly and in accordance with company policies.

Max. number per day (for repeatable pauses only)

Set the maximum number of times this pause type can be used within a single day. This helps maintain a balance between work and rest periods.

Minimum timeout (for repeatable pauses only)

Set the minimum duration required before this pause type can be used again. This ensures adequate intervals between pauses for optimal productivity and rest compliance.

Automatic pause (if Max duration set)

When the pause ends, automatically start the Inactive pause.

Save your Pause.

Direct and transferred activities will still ring even though Agents are on Pause.

Don't forget to set up the Rights that can work with the Pause.

Select Rights

Select Rights

Click Change in the Rights column to select which agents' rights will be able to work with each Pause.

Lazy, DND and Wrap Pause types can be used by everyone – you can't change the rights to them.

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