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Daktela Devices

Daktela device is a software phone that is included directly in the Daktela application, eliminating the need for a third-party SW phone.

Supported web browsers for WebRTC Client are:

  • Google Chrome

  • FireFox

Create a New Daktela Device/Edit a Daktela Device

Create a New Daktela Device/Edit a Daktela Device

To create a new Daktela device from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing Daktela device as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.

To edit an existing Daktela device, click its title.

The Daktela device details will open

Device Details

To use your Daktela device, set up the following important settings.



Daktela device

Enter a number. The device number must be unique and cannot be changed later.


Enter a title. The device's title will be displayed in your device list.


Enter a password.


Enter a description that will help you identify the device in future.

Available for dynamic selection

Turn on to make this device available for agents to select dynamically from the navbar. Turn off to only make it possible to assign the device from Manage – Users – List of Users.


Select where you want to use you Daktela device. You can select Mobile, Desktop or Web.


Select the language of PBX voice messages.

Save your device.

Working With Devices

Working With Devices

When you have set up your device, you can:

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