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Using the workforce management platform AristoTelos, you can:

  • Connect the shift plan with actual agent states in Daktela

  • Load data in real time

  • Compare any discrepancies between the plan and the work actually done, e.g. when agents work a shorter time than planned

  • Easily install and configure the integration directly in Daktela

Create a New Client App

Create a New Client App

Go to NastaveníKlientské aplikace, then click Nová položka in the table header. In the form on the Základní údaje tab, fill out the name of the app in Název klientské aplikace and check the Přístup povolen checkbox to allow Daktela access to AristoTelos. Copy Id klienta and paste it into the Application ID field in the Daktela integration configuration (see below).

In the Práva tab, add the API_UpdateAgentStates right for the Global unit. Leave the Platnost (validity) blank.

In the Secrets tab, create a new authorisation code. Copy it straight away, it will not be available later. Paste it into the Client secret field in the Daktela integration configuration (see below).

Set up the Daktela Integration

Set up the Daktela Integration

Enter Your AristoTelos Details Into Daktela

In Daktela, go to Manage → Integrations and click Configure under Aristototelos.

Enter your a name into the Title field.

Enter your Aristotelos into the Instance URL field.

Paste the ID klienta from the previous step into the Application ID field.

Paste the Secret from the previous step into the Client secret field.

Click Activate.

Further AristoTelos Settings

Further AristoTelos Settings

  1. In AristoTelos, set up the Daktela user name for all employees that will use Daktela. Go to their employee card and enter it into the "Id v Externím systému 2" field

  2. Create employee external states in AdministraceExterní stavy zaměstnanců:

    Login, Logout and Ready are mandatory. Other Not Ready states need to be set up so the reason code exactly matches the Not Ready state in Daktela. The Stav operátora will be empty for now.

  3. Create the employee states that you want to work with in AristoTelos. Go to Administrace → Stavy zaměstnanců:

    Fill out the highlighted fields. The "Ukončovací stavy" field contains the External Daktela states that will end the current state in AristoTelos.

  4. Go back to Administrace → Externí stavy zaměstnanců and add Stav operátor (ie. the AristoTelos state) that you want to map to the external (Daktela) state.

  5. View the agent states using the Stavy zaměstnanců toggle switch in the Zobrazit tab and setting the time period to a day.

    There are two lines for each employee. The first contains the planned activities and the second the actual activities done by the agent.

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