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QA Forms

OA forms are used to rate how well agents handle activities. Reviewers can add them in Listings → Activities.

Create a New QA Form/Edit a QA Form

Create a New QA Form/Edit a QA Form

Go to ManageSettingsQA Forms to add the QA form to your queues. 

To create a new QA form from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing QA form as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.

To edit a QA form, click its title.

The QA form details will open.

QA Form Details 

QA Form Details 

Fill out the title and description, then continue with set up your QA forms:

Choose sections

Drag section from the right side menu to the drop field. Name it and write the description.

Choose questions

Click Add new to Create a new question. A new window will open.

Enter the question into the Title field.

Enter the answer into the Answers field and select a number Value this question. 

To add a new answer click the plus button next to the Value field.

Add QA Form to Your Queue

Add QA Form to Your Queue

Go to Manage → Settings → QA Forms to add QA form to your queue. 

Click Queues in the Relations column. Check the queues where you want to use your QA form and click the Save button.

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