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Screen pop


Screen pop is an integration that's easy to implement and very powerful. You can display an external application in a popup window with each incoming or outgoing activity. It is possible to enable a screen pop on all queue types. Set up a screen pop by creating a Macro button in the queue settings. You can use multiple Macro buttons with screen pops in each queue.

Screen pop can hand variables to the popup window via GET parameters containing information from the activity. The URL can contain attributes that are part of the contact center activity, with recommended parameters as follows:

  • Caller ID – phone number of the calling party to identify the customer within the CRM and pair the CRM activity to the account record.

  • Direction – keyword identifying direction of the activity (can contain “in”, “out” or “internal”).

  • Call ID – unique ID of the phone call.

  • Activity ID – unique ID of the activity.

How to Configure Screen Pop

How to Configure Screen Pop

Go to Manage → Queues and open the queue you want to work with.

First, click the "Extended" button to show the additional queue settings, then scroll down to the Macro links section.

  1. Title: Enter the button label that appears when multiple addresses are set up.

  2. URL: Enter an external URL address. You can use wildcards that will automatically be replaced with current values (all activity properties are available, e.g. is the title of the user assigned to the activity – see Parameters below).

  3. Open: Enable to automatically open the external URL when an agent accepts an activity using this queue.

  4. Unique: When an agent has multiple activities in this queue open at the same time, enable to open each external URL in a separate new window. Disable to open in the same window.

  5. Popup: Enable to open the external URL in a popup window instead of a new tab. Set up the width and height of the popup window.

  6. Width and Height: Configure the size of your popup in pixels.

When an agent answers an activity (a call in this example), there is a macro button with the defined screen pop (1.). Click the macro button to open the screen pop (2.).

Parameters – How to Use Activity Parameters

Parameters – How to Use Activity Parameters

You can use activity parameters in the screen pop window. Use special syntax to access them.

In this example, we will set up a screen pop window for incoming calls. An echo service will open and return the parameters specified in the query string – phone number, agent name and queue name.

How to get the parameters for this example:

  1. We are working with a call activity and such we have access to all values in the activitycall object.

  2. Use the special syntax notation of {{item.propertyname}}.

  3. If the <propertyname> is a type of object, you can access all properties of the inner object by using {{item.propertyobject.propertyname}} (example: {{}}.

  4. This is the final url which we put into the screen pop window setup:


If the activity is linked to a campaign record or CRM contact, it is also possible to use customFields values:


For more information about the templating language, see General information and tips.

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