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SugarCRM is feature-rich system for management of communication with end customers, which is usually available as a cloud solution.

Configure API Platforms

Configure API Platforms 

Open SugarCRM  go to Profile Admin → Developer Tools to Configure API Platforms. 

Click Configure API Platforms.

Add Daktela to API Platforms.

Set up the Daktela Integration

Set up the Daktela Inregration

Enter Your SugarCRM Details Into Daktela

In Daktela, go to Manage → Integrations and click Configure under SugarCRM.

Select into which CRM Database you want to synchronise your data.

Fill in the Instance URI to the URL where SugarCRM is located.

Fill in the Username and Password with user credentials that shall be used for the synchronisation.

Set the Client ID to "sugar".

If the user has set a client secret, fill this value in the Client Secret field.

Click Authorise.

Map Your CRM Fields

A list of your Daktela CRM fields will open. Select the SugarCRM field you want to synchronise with each field in Daktela.

Click Activate.

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