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User Tracing

Go to Listings → User tracing to see a detailed overview of each user's past activity.



The top of the User tracing screen displays on overview of the selected user's activities in the selected time period.

  1. Select the day or week you want to see (depending what you have chosen under 2).

  2. Select if you want to see activities by Day or by Week. If you choose Day, you can break the day down into minutes using the Minutes button.

  3. Select the user whose activities you want to see.

  4. Check to also display deactivated users.

Click an activity to open its details. See Interactions for a description of each detail by type.



Below the overview, you can see the user's statistics for the selected time period.

  • Calls: time the user has spent on calls / speaking time. Number of closed calls.

  • Emails: time the user has spent writing emails. Number of closed emails.

  • SMS/Web/Messenger/WhatsApp/Viber chats: time the user has spent on chats. Number of closed chats.

  • Tickets: number of edited and closed tickets.

  • Pauses: time the user has spent on paid and unpaid pauses.

  • Login: time the user has been logged in and ready and time the user has been idle.

List of Activities

List of Activities

At the bottom, there is a list of all the individual activities that make up the overview and statistics above.

You can open the details of an activity by clicking the Eye symbol in the Actions column. See Interactions for a description of each detail by type.

To export the list, use the PDF Export and Excel export buttons.

Access to User Tracing

Access to User Tracing

Go to Manage → Users → Accesses → specific access → Advanced settings → Listings tab and check User tracing.

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