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Version 6.24

Our latest release features several enhancements aimed at improving the overall user experience for our contact centre users. With this update, we are introducing new tools and features that will help streamline operations and enhance customer interactions. We hope these improvements will allow our users to work more efficiently and provide the best possible customer experience.

See the new version 6.24 features in our Release notes PDF.

You can also watch the list of new features in our Release note video.

Brand New WebRTC Software Phone

From Daktela V6.24, you no longer need to install any third-party software to start making calls with Daktela. A WebRTC software phone now comes prepackaged and opens with a simple click of your mouse. Plus we have made getting started super simple by automating all the complicated setup processes.

Where can I find this?

WebRTC devices now have their own section. Go to Manage → Devices → WebRTC Devices to set them up. After you log in to your WebRTC device, you can open The WebRTC phone client using the button in the navbar.

Daktela AI Agent

Implementing your own AI chatbot has never been easier. The Daktela AI Agent can e.g. take care of questions that your customers ask over and over or collect information from them. Your human agents only need to get involved when necessary. Our new AI agent widget in chat activities displays the chat transcript and all the information gathered by the AI such as order numbers, addresses etc. You can of course easily track the number of conversations and what the Daktela AI Agent has done as it’s included in our native reporting tools.

Where can I find this?

The AI Agent widget is available in your web chat queue Widget settings in Manage → Queues.

The agent can also see the messages the AI Agent exchanged with the customer directly in the Web chat widget. You can view your AI Agent conversations directly in Listings and Reporting by filtering the “AI Agent” user

Some initial setup is necessary. Please get in touch with us if you want to start using the Daktela AI Agent.

Whisper, Barge, Take Over in Call Monitoring

Supervisors and team leaders will now have the opportunity to help the agents on their team during call monitoring. If they have the necessary rights, once they start monitoring a call from the Realtime panel, they will be able to start these monitoring modes:

  • Whisper – opens a channel between the supervisor and the agent only

  • Barge – the supervisor enters the call and speaks to both the agent and the caller

  • Take over – the supervisor removes the agent from the call

Where can I find this?

Give your supervisors rights to Call monitoring modes in Manage → Users → Rights.

Start monitoring a call from Application → Realtime in the Activities section

Ask for assistance during a call

Agents can now also ask their supervisor to help them during a call by simply clicking the Ask for assistance button, if they have the rights to use it.

Supervisors can then see which agents need their attention in the Realtime panel, where the call is highlighted. They can use the Whisper or Barge modes to help the agent.

QA Review Improvements

In some cases, QA Reviews should only be between the reviewer and the reviewed agent and it should not be possible for others to open the QA Review. We have added the option for agents to only see QA Reviews about activities that they took part in and hide those that belong to their colleagues. You can now also easily share QA Reviews by linking directly to a specific QA Review.

Where can I find this?

Go to Manage → Users → Accesses, open an access, open Advanced settings, navigate to the Listings tab and under QA reviews, check only Read own reviews.

To copy a QA Review link, open the review in Listings and use the button in the form header to copy the QA Review link to the clipboard.

Priorities and Mixing for Campaign Databases

Tailor your campaigns to your needs by selecting the order in which your campaign records are loaded. Select if you want to first call all records in the database with the highest priority before continuing with those in databases with lower priorities, or if you want to mix records from all your available databases using a ratio that you can fully customise.

Where can I find this?

First, go to Manage → Queues, open your campaign queue and select a Record selection mode – either By database priority or Mix records from multiple databases.

Then go to Manage → Record types, open Databases in the Relations column of the record type linked to your campaign queue and set up either the Priority or the Mixing ratio for each database.

Time Zone Selection

To make it easier for our customers to work from all around the world, we have made it possible for each user to select their time zone. If your team is located in several countries, everyone will now see the time that is relevant to them.

Where can I find this?

Your time zone is set up automatically according to your computer’s time zone. If you need to change it manually, you can do so in My profile, accessible by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner.

Delete Attachments

We have added the option to delete attachments in Tickets and the CRM so you can keep tabs on the amount of data you store.

Where can I find this?

Go to Manage → Users → Accesses, open an access, open Advanced settings, navigate to the Manage tab and check DPO under Delete attachments.

Autofocus Tab

When you open a ticket, a CRM entry or a record, you can now select which tab will be focused by default so that you can see the data that is most relevant to your specific needs without any additional action needed.

Where can I find this?

You can set this up for each module in the Autofocused tab field:

For tickets, go to Manage → Tickets → Categories and open a category.

For CRM Contacts and Accounts, go to Manage → CRM → Databases and open a database.

You can select a different tab for contacts and accounts.

For CRM Records, go to Manage → CRM → Records and open a record. For Records, go to Manage > Record types and open a record type.

Rich Text Editor in Web Chats

You can now use a what-you-see-is-what-you-get rich text editor in your web chat queues so your agents can send great-looking messages.

Where can I find this?

Go to Manage → Queues to enable the editor under Allow HTML Editor. It will then appear in web chats that use the queue.

Export Reports to PDF

Reports are a powerful tool that displays your selection of Statistics and Analytics. You can now export your reports to a PDF that includes the data and its graphical visualisations.

Where can I find this?

Go to Reporting → Reports, open a report using the Screen icon in the Actions column and click the PDF export button.

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