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Go to Listings → Attempts to see a list of your attempts. When a customer tries to reach the contact centre and is not connected to an agent before Max. waiting time runs out in the queue, their attempt will be listed here. 

The attempt is not counted if the incoming call does not ring with any operator even if the max. waiting time runs out.

If Max. waiting time runs out while the activity is ringing at an agent, the time the activity is allowed to ring at a specific agent will be added on. However, the attempt will be recorded as unsuccessful immediately after Max. waiting time runs out even if the agent then answers the incoming activity.

Attempt List

Attempt List

When you open Attempts, the Time filter will be set to Today by default. If you want to see a different time period, select one of the presets or set up your own.

You can also filter by User and Queue (and their groups). Check the Crossed out eye symbol to view deactivated users and queues. Click Search to apply your filter.

You can also use the Advanced filter just above the Search button.

To sort your activities by a column, click its title. Click it again to reverse the sorting.

Click Export to open the Export dialog where you can download a table with your attempts in .xlsx or .csv format. See Bulk operations for detailed export instructions.

In the Actions column, click the Details button to open the Attempt details.

Attempt Details

Attempt Details

Click the Eye button in the Actions column to open the attempt details.

The attempt details will open the Interaction the attempt is part of.

Details according to interaction type:

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