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Use Blacklists to prevent your contact centre from making or receiving calls and from receiving SMSes from certain numbers. E.g. when you are creating a campaign and importing contacts into it, numbers contained in the blacklist will automatically be omitted. Incoming calls and SMSes from a blocked number will not reach agents and outgoing calls to a blocked number will be terminated.

Create a New Blacklist Entry/Edit a Blacklist Entry

Create a New Blacklist Entry/Edit a Blacklist Entry

Go to Manage → Settings → Blacklist

To create a new Blacklist entry from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing Blacklist entry as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.
To edit an existing Blacklist entry, click its title.

The Backlist entry details will open.

Use the Import feature to create multiple Blacklist entries at the same time.

Blacklist Entry Details

Blacklist Entry Details

Fill out the entry details. Only Number is a mandatory field.




Enter the number that you want to block. Must be unique – you can only enter each number once.


Enter a description.

Blacklist database

Select a blacklist database. You can select:

  • Global for all calls and incoming SMSes to block incoming and outgoing calls and incoming SMSes regardless of how they are routed (e.g. which queue they use).

    This blacklist database does not apply to Daktela MVNO numbers – calls and SMSes will be allowed even if you enter the number into the database.
    To block calls and SMSes from Daktela MVNO numbers, please use a custom blacklist database (see bullet point below).

    A Blacklist database that you have previously created in Manage → Queues. You can use different databases in different queues, both incoming and outgoing.


If you only want to block a number temporarily, enter the date and time when it should stop being blocked. It will remain in the Blacklist database but calls and SMSes will be allowed.

Normalised CLID

Filled in automatically based on Number. Must be unique.

Reversed number

Filled in automatically – reverse of Normalised CLID.


Filled in automatically – user who created the Blacklist entry.


Filled in automatically – date and time when the entry was created.

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