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Log in to Pohoda as an admin user and follow the instructions below:

Set up mServer

Set up mServer

Open Pohoda and log in as an admin user.

Follow the instructions on the Pohoda website (available only in Czech) to set up and start your mServer. More information about mServer is available here. If you need help setting up mServer, please get in touch with Pohoda support.

Once you know your mServer URL and port, enter into the Daktela integration – see below.

Set up the Daktela Integration

Set up the Daktela Integration

Enter Your mServer and Login Details Into Daktela

In Daktela, go to Manage → Integrations and click Configure under Pohoda.

Select into which CRM Database you want to synchronise your data.

Enter your mServer URL and port from the previous step into the Instance URL field, e.g. Do not enter the "/xml" server location – this is done automatically.

Enter your Pohoda login details into the User name and Password fields.

Enter your company ICO into the Ico field.

Click Authorise.

Map Your CRM Fields

A list of your Daktela CRM fields will open. Select the Pohoda field you want to synchronise with each field in Daktela.

Click Activate.

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