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Log in to your Prestashop account as an admin user and follow the instructions below:

Enable the Web Service and Create an Access Key

Enable the Web Service and Create an Access Key

You can find out how to enable the web service and create an access key at

Once you have your access key, enter it in the next step.

Set up the Daktela Integration

Set up the Daktela Integration

Enter Your Shop and Admin Details Into Daktela

In Daktela, go to Manage → Integrations and click Configure under Prestashop.

Select into which CRM Database you want to synchronise your data.

Enter your shop URL into the Instance URI field, e.g.

Enter your access key from the previous step into the Key field.

Enter the part of your admin URL after the first backslash into the Admin folder field. It will be in the format admin*********.

Click Authorise.

Map Your CRM Fields

A list of your Daktela CRM fields will open. Select the Prestashop field you want to synchronise with each field in Daktela.

Click Activate.

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