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Go to Manage → Tickets → SLA to set up deadline and first answer calculation rules.

Create a New SLA/ Edit an SLA

Create a New SLA/ Edit an SLA

To create a new SLA from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing SLA as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.

To edit an existing SLA, click its title.

The SLA details will open.

SLA Details

SLA Details

Fill out the Title and select if you will count your SLA in Hours or Minutes under Unit.

Enter how long agents have to reply to the customer (Response) and to solve the ticket (Solution) in each priority. Response will appear once you enter a Solution. The total SLA time is the sum of both types.

Only the Working hours you set up in the ticket's Category are counted in your SLA calculation.


Your SLA is 4 hours to solution.

Your working hours are 9 AM – 5 PM daily.

If you receive a new ticket at 4 PM, you will meet your SLA if you provide a solution by 12 noon the next day.

Save your SLA.

How is the deadline calculated?

First, Daktela will determine which SLA will be used to set the ticket deadlines:

  • If the ticket's primary Contact is part of a CRM Account, the Account's SLA times will be used.

  • If no primary Contact is selected or if the Contact is not part of a CRM Account, the ticket Category's SLA will be used.

  • The Category's Working hours will always be used to determine deadlines.

When a new ticket is created, its deadline will be set using the following rules (taking into account the Working hours set up in the ticket's Category):

  • When only Solution has been entered: deadline = ticket creation time + Solution.

  • When both Solution and Response have been entered: deadline = ticket creation time + Response. Once the ticket has a response (see below), the deadline will automatically be changed to: deadline = ticket creation time + Response + Solution.

You can see the the deadlines and completion times in the tooltip in a ticket. The First answer and Closed times will be green or red depending on whether they were done within the deadline or not.

What is counted as a response?

A response to a ticket is an activity that conveys to the customer information about what is being done to solve it.

The following activities created in the ticket or merged with it are counted as responses:

  • An outgoing email

  • An SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber message

  • A call that is connected

A call that is NOT connected will NOT be counted as a response as no information about the ticket is conveyed to the customer.

With the exception of email, a response can also be an incoming activity. E.g. when a customer sends an email, a ticket is created. If they then call and the agent merges the call with the ticket, the call will be counted as a response.

What is counted as a solution?

A ticket is considered solved when it is closed.

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