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SMS Server

Go to Application → SMS server to display a list of your sent and received SMSes and to send bulk SMSes.

View Your Sent and Received SMSes

View Your Sent and Received SMSes

When you open Application → SMS server, you will see a list of your sent and received SMSes.

Click the title of a column to sort SMSes by that column. Click it again to reverse the sorting.

Quick search for an SMS using the field above the list or filter your SMSes using the button above the list.

Click the Export button to export your SMSes. If you have an active filter, only the filtered SMSes will be exported. See Bulk operations for more details.

Send a Bulk SMS

Send a Bulk SMS

  1. Click the New bulk SMS button at the top of the list of SMSes. The New bulk SMS dialog will open.

  2. Download the template in .xslx or .csv format.

  3. Open the file. Each line you fill out corresponds to an SMS. Fill out:

    1. clid: the recipient's phone number. Mandatory.

    2. message: the text of the SMS. If you want to use a template that you have set up in Daktela, you can leave this column empty. You will be able to select a template in the next steps.

    3. datetime_scheduled: the date and time you want to send the message in hh:mm format. If you want to send all the messages at the same time, you can leave the column blank and set the time up in the next step.

  4. Save your file.

  5. Back in the New bulk SMS dialog, click Select files... and select your file or drop it into the grey area around the button.

  6. Select which Queue you want to use to send the SMSes.

  7. (optional) Select the Template you want to use as the SMS text. If you have filled out the message column in the upload file, don't select a template.

  8. (optional) In Datetime scheduled, select when to send the SMSes. If you have filled out the datetime_scheduled column of the upload file or if you want to send the SMSes immediately, leave this field blank.

  9. Select the Status that will be set in the SMS activity.

  10. Click Send.

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