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The Speech-To-Text integration allows you to send call recordings to your STT converter to be turned into text. It sends the following data to a URL you specify:

  • raw wav file call recording data from selected queues

  • query strings about the call

    • call ID (e.g. 61ba02b09b3638.15004925)

    • activity unique name (e.g. activities_61ba02b096fee551580206)

    • user unique name (e.g. operator_cz)

    • time (e.g. 15/12/2021 15:58:56)

If the connection to the specified endpoint is unsuccessful, the system will attempt to resend the data 2 more times in the following 6 hours.

How to set up the integration

To start using Speech-To-Text, please send the following to

  • the URL of your Speech-To-Text converter

  • the list of queues where you want to use Speech-To-Text

Example of data sent:

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