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WebRTC Client

WebRTC is a software phone that is included directly in the Daktela application, eliminating the need for a third-party SW phone.

To set up a WebRTC device Go to Manage Devices Daktela devices.

Supported web browsers for WebRTC devices are:

  • Google Chrome

  • FireFox

Browser Settings

Automatic answers

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers that support automatic answers. However, if you wish to set up automatic answers for Firefox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your Firefox browser.

  2. Type "about:config" in the address bar.

  3. A warning page will appear, click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

  4. Search for "dom.disable_window_flip" and disable it.

Names of output in Firefox

In order for the user in firefox to be able to display the output names (in the settings), he must change the property media.setsinkid.enabled to true in the firefox settings (about:config)

Connect and Disconnect Your WebRTC

Connect and Disconnect Your WebRTC

To connect or disconnect your WebRTC Client, click the Device selection button in the static panel at the top of your screen. The Log in and out of devices will open.

When you have a WebRTC device, the Open phone button will be displayed on the static panel.

Using WebRTC Client

Using WebRTC Client

Open device by click the Open phone button.

Your WebRTC device must be open at all times during use, or calls will not work.

When you make or receive your first call, you will need to allow your browser to access the microphone.

You can accept the call in the standard notification or accept call in the device.

You can start a call by entering phone number to the device and click the green phone button.

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