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Logging into Daktela WFM

The login process for our Daktela WFM application offers users flexibility through two distinct options designed to best meet the individual needs and requirements of organisations. The first login method allows users to create and use their own access credentials, including a username and password. This method provides a simple and secure way to verify user identity.

The second login option is associated with the integration of Daktela WFM with the Daktela contact centre. If users already use access credentials for this system, they can seamlessly use them to log into Daktela WFM. This integration occurs during system installation and does not require any additional configuration or complex setup from the client. This ensures a smooth and user-friendly integration process.

This way, organisations maintain maximum convenience and efficiency in managing their employees' access credentials. At the same time, this flexibility allows each organisation to choose the most suitable login method for Daktela WFM in line with its specific needs and preferences. The overall result is an intuitive and seamless access to our application, supporting efficient workflow management and providing users with an optimal user experience.

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