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Need’s Detail

Need’s detail


Allow if the need will be used in Holiday, it doesn't matter which day it is

Type of Day

  1. Specify the exact number of days needed for this requirement. The system will automatically select these days

  2. Choose the "Day Picker" option and select the relevant days accordingly


Select the skill that might be generated by this need


Choose the workplace where this need will be automatically integrated into its settings


Select the period during which this need may be requested. If no specific period is chosen, the need will automatically apply to all periods within the designated workplace


Enter the minimum amount of agents who might use this need 

Need Start

Define the start time of this need


Define the amount of hours this need will last, the starting point is defined in the previous field “Need Start” 


If you tick this field then you specify the exact time when this need ends 


Describe this need’s purpose 

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