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This section presupposes the synchronisation of queues from Daktela with Dakela WFM

Queue’s Detail

Queue’s detail


Select the specific queue or queues you want to synchronise with your workplace


Allow if it’s currently active and an employee can use it


Select a category or categories that are relevant to this queue(s) 


Enter the name of the queue(s) you’ll use within your workplace 


Select the country where this queue(s) are used

Max History Date

Specify the period from which you would like to import all data from the selected queue(s)

Minimum Number of Operators

Enter the minimum number of operators who can use this queue(s)


Describe the purpose of this particular synchronisation 


Select skills that are required in order to use this queue(s)


The amount of time an employee spends on calls within a 15-minute period and the amount of time spent on administrative tasks

For example, if you set it to 70%, it means that  an employee spends 10.5 minutes on calls and the remaining 90 seconds on administrative tasks within that time frame

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