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Request Types

Basic Settings

Top panel


If it’s currently active and an employee can use it


Specify whether a request type is approved automatically or manually

Request’s Detail

Request’s detail


Enter a specific name that agents will see in the needs selection field and can choose from


  1. "Time Off" - a specific category encompassing any type of absence period, whether it's a holiday or a sick day. Here, you define the specific type of day when an employee is not working

  2. "Available" - this request type indicates an individual employee's availability status. Team leaders can use this information to determine if a specific agent is free to work, enabling them to incorporate this data into the agent's schedule

  3. Shift” - When an agent knows their availability in advance, they can create a request to inform the team leader that they will not be available during a specified period. This ensures that the team leader does not schedule the agent for that particular day and time.


Add the request’s purpose


The predefined name of this request, as it will appear in the technical plan, should be a concise and easily memorable text used for the specific request type by all team members


The abbreviation text’s colour


The abbreviation background’s colour

New requests can be applied via Dashboard

  •  click on the top right corner to create a New Request 

  •  Select a relevant User 

  •  Select the Request Type 

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