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Within this section you can create a Shift Plan and Requests.

Basic Settings

Top panel


Select a workplace for which you create a schedule 


Select a month you make this schedule for


Day: Selecting "Day" will create a schedule for a single day within the chosen period

Week: Selecting "Week" will create a schedule for one week within the chosen period

Period: Selecting "Period" will create a schedule for a selected month

Create a Schedule Plan

To create a shift plan, select "Shifts" from the top right dropdown menu. After selecting this option, a proposed plan will be displayed as a scheme of the selected width.

Schedule’s Plan detail


Displays data about the predicted demand, indicating how many agents were needed for a particular schedule plan, and whether this demand was met in reality


The skill will be automatically displayed based on the selected workplace

Add an employee

In the bottom left corner, you can assign employees to the plan. After clicking on it, you’ll need to fill out the necessary fields, such as:

  1. Search by name

  2. Search by skill

  3. Search by role

Add a shift

Within the blank squares, you can click on the Plus icon (it will appear when you move the cursor over a blank square),  to schedule an additional shift for a specific employee if required

  1. To display a shift trade overview, select “Shifts Trades” from the top right dropdown menu.

Coverage/Demand: displays the number of agents who have requested to swap shifts among themselves. You can then choose to allow or refuse these requests

  1. To display an overview of shifts as a table, select “Table” from the top right dropdown menu. Here, you can assign shifts to selected employees by clicking the “Plus” button within the scheduled days. 

Create a Request

To create a request within a specified width, you can either select "Requests" from the dropdown menu in the top right corner and add a “New Request,” or you can add it via the Dashboard by clicking on the top right corner and adding it there.

Request’s detail


Select an employee  to whom this request pertains

Request Type

Select a specific request type 


Select the shift within which an employee would like to apply this request


Select the date when the request will become active 


Add a description 

After adding a new request, the employee's name will be displayed along with the created request on the chosen day.

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