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Basic Settings

Top panel


If it’s currently active and an employee can use it


Permission is granted if this shift can be implemented within the designated 'Holiday period'

On Call

If a shift is relevant to an employee whose work involves using one or more queues, this feature disables the check to determine if an employee is connected to a specific queue or not

Allow Shifts to overlap

Allow if this shift can coincide with other shifts Allowing two shifts simultaneously can be permitted, hence not mutually excluded

Specify Days

Choose the days that are pertinent to this shift

Shift’s Detail

Shift’s detail

Shift Type Name

Name this shift


The predefined name of this shift, as it will appear in the technical plan, should be a concise and easily memorable text used for the specific request type by all team members


The abbreviation text’s colour


The abbreviation background’s colour


Describe shift’s purpose

Shift Start

Select the time when does this shift start


Define the amount of hours this shift will last, the starting point is defined in the previous field “Shift Start” 


If you tick this field then you specify the exact time when this shift ends 

The whole time involves all of the breaks during the particular day 

Valid From

Enter the initial day  when this shift can be scheduled 

Valid To

Enter the day after which this shift cannot be scheduled 


Select the Type of Break and the Time for which it’s available in Schedule

The time range does not specify the duration of the break; instead, it indicates the period within which the break can be scheduled. The duration of the break is presupposed by the specific Break Type you choose first. 

Break’s detail

Break Type

Select a specific break type


Select a time from which the break may start


Specify the number of hours during which this break can be taken, starting from the time defined in the previous field Start


If you tick this field, you can specify the exact time after which the break can’t be scheduled

By clicking Plus, you can add more Break Types that are applicable to this shift.

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