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Work with Schedule Plan

Go to Sidebar → Schedule to work with your Schedule Plans.

Add a New Schedule

Add a New Schedule plan

  1. Enter a Schedule Plan Name.

  2. Click the ADD button to create a new Schedule.

Set up Schedule Grid

Set up Schedule Grid

Open your Schedule Grid from Shedule list.

  • Select a Workplace:

  • Select a Period:

  • Click Calculate Needs button:

  • Click Add Employee button

  1. Transfer the required employees to the shift plan.

  2. Click Assign/Update button.

Shift Plan Day View

Shift Plan Day View

  1. Each schedule column consists of four 15-minute segments.

  2. In the sidebar we see a list of required skills, and a list of assigned employees.

  3. Background color of needs:

    1. Grey = No need

    2. Orange = Unsatisfied need

    3. Green = Satisfied need

  4. Needs can be adjusted click on need item (See Need Adjustment Page).

  5. You can add a shift to an employee by clicking on the schedule cell in the employee row (See Add Shift to Employee Page).

Need Adjustment

Need Adjustment

  1. Min Required -> Select desired number of employees.

  2. Select From/To.

  3. Click the UPDATE button.

Add Shift to Employee

Add Shift to Employee

  • Select Shift type :

  • Section Breaks. Enter the time at which the employee will take the given break.

  • After adding all shifts to the employees in the shift schedule. Click on the Publish button.

  • In the Schedule list you can view the shift schedule with the prepared status.

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