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6. Support & Work Charges

6 Support & Work Charges

6 Support & Work Charges

The category of "Support & Work Charges" encompasses all tasks and services performed on behalf of the customer, which are subject to billing. This includes a wide range of support activities such as system configuration, software customization, troubleshooting, training, and any other specialized work requested by the customer to enhance the Daktela experience. These charges are designed to provide customers with the flexibility to tailor the Daktela solution to unique requirements, ensuring personalized assistance and expertise as needed. The transparency in billing for support and work charges allows customers to access additional services beyond the standard offerings, enabling them to optimize the Daktela implementation to achieve their specific business objectives.

The following charges are registered in the product catalogue:

  • Support Work: Encompasses all tasks carried out by the Daktela support team in response to routine customer requests, such as system configuration, advisory, training etc.

  • Professional Work: Encompasses all tasks executed by experienced support and project professionals, including customizations, project management, and expert activities that go beyond routine support

The Prepaid Support Work (6.03) enables customers to pre-purchase monthly bulks of hours as a ready-made discounted package. The package is offered in multiples of half a man-day (meaning 0.5 MD is the minimum). Work not consumed in the month it is allocated to is not transferred to the next one.

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