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Version 6.23

Dear Customer,

We are about to upgrade your Daktela V6 cloud platform to the latest version – 6.23. As always, we have put together a list of the features we have included, their descriptions and where you can find them in our product. We hope you like them and that they make your work easier and more productive.

See the new version 6.23 features in our Release notes PDF.

The Daktela Team

Instagram Direct Messages (already from version 6.23.2)

Instagram joins Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber on the list of supported DM platforms. You can now chat with your customers directly from Daktela and make sure none of your conversations go unanswered.

Where can I find this?

Set up your Instagram DMs routings in Manage → Routings → Instagram DM.

Set up your Queues in Manage → Queues.

Emoji and Updated Chat Look

Emoji are an important part of online communication and to make your job easier in this regard, we have added emoji to all our chats. In web chats, your customers will also be able to react to messages from your agents using emoji. On top of that, we have updated the look and feel of our chat interface.

Where can I find this?

The emoji picker will be available in all your chats automatically – no need to turn anything on.

To enable emoji reactions to agent messages, go to Manage → Routings → Web chats → Connectors and check Allow emoji reactions.

Export from CRM to Campaign Records

You can now create Records for your outbound campaigns directly from the CRM module. Simply select or filter the CRM entries you want to include in your campaign, click Export to Records, select the campaign they should be part of and pair your form fields.

Where can I find this?

You can export your CRM Contacts from CRM → Contacts.

Set up Export permissions in Manage → Users → Accesses → Manage tab → Export

Password Reset

When your agents forget their password, they will now be able to reset it themselves using their login name and authentication email without involving their supervisor

Where can I find this?

Allow Password Reset in Manage → Users → Rights.

Enter an authentication email address in Manage → Users → List of Users.

Updated Notifications

Don’t miss a thing. Get notified for:

  • New messages in your open chats

  • Open activities where the agent has not been active for a while

  • Rescheduled calls in Manual campaigns

Where can I find this?

You can set up all 3 notification types in Manage → Queues.

Ticket Background Change Notifications

No more surprises when collaborating on a ticket. Receive a toast notification when an open ticket is edited by someone else or an event.

Export and Import Decision Trees and Events

Moving a complex decision tree or event from a development to a production environment will be made much easier thanks to the new export and import functionality.

Where can I find this?

You can find the Export button in the details of one of your Decision trees or Events.

HubSpot Integration

You can now sync your HubSpot with the Daktela CRM module to keep all your contact information up to date.

Where can I find this?

Set up the HubSpot Integration in Manage → Integrations.

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