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Version 6.25

The world of customer service is constantly evolving, and so are the tools that businesses use to manage customer interactions. Daktela has integrated compose GPT functions to help agents write better and more effective responses. This new version also offers an advanced summarisation feature that provides a concise and accurate overview of customer communication, allowing agents to quickly understand the customer’s needs and respond in a timely manner. Thanks to our new AI mailbot, email categorisation can also be automated, saving your agents time and allowing them to focus on providing great service. If you’re worried about GDPR, we’ve got you covered as we are fully GDPR compliant: more information is available here.

See the new version 6.25 features in our Release notes PDF.

You can also watch the list of new features in our Release note video.

GPT Summarisation

With this invaluable feature, a comprehensive understanding of each ticket, contact, account or chat and its corresponding events is just a mouse click away. Seamlessly, you can access a concise overview of the ticket’s content and timeline. Additionally, our system extracts actionable items from the summary, safeguarding against overlooked deadlines and missed opportunities.

Where can I find this?

Go to Tickets and click the AI button in the Actions column. Or look for the AI button after you open a ticket or a CRM contact or account. Or summarise a chat from anywhere in Listings.

AI Mailbot

Harness the power of AI to streamline and expedite the email categorisation process. By simply choosing the desired categories and statuses, you can let our advanced algorithms swiftly learn from your previous correspondence and identify and assign the most fitting category and status to incoming emails. The mailbot continuously learns and improves as you interact with it. Whenever one of your agents corrects the category or status, the mailbot diligently takes note, incorporating the feedback to enhance its results.

Where can I find this?

Turn on AI Categorisation and AI Statuses in Manage → Queues in the details of one or more of your email queues, then select the categories and statuses the mailbot can choose from.

GPT Compose Features

Empower your agents with a remarkable array of features designed to elevate both the speed and quality of their writing. By simply entering a summary of their intended content and selecting their desired transformation, our AI seamlessly handles the rest. Agents can take it a step further by employing additional AI actions to further refine the resulting text, allowing them to meticulously tailor the draft to their preferences before sending it to the customer.

Where can I find this?

Compose features are available in all large text inputs: emails, chats, comments and knowledge base articles. Just look for the AI symbol.

Realtime Users Widget

The widget provides a clear display of available agents to the user, granting seamless connectivity. On the Dashboard, a single click triggers a call to the selected agent, establishing immediate communication. Moreover, during an ongoing activity, the agent can effortlessly invite or transfer the activity to the selected agent, ensuring efficient collaboration and uninterrupted workflow.

Where can I find this?

Set up the Dashboard widget in Manage → Users → Accesses by clicking Change in the Dashboard settings column.

Set up the widget in open activities in Manage → Queues by clicking Change in the Widget settings column of the queue where you want to use the widget.

Move Notifications to the Notifications Centre

When you receive notifications about changes in your tickets or your calendar, you can now quickly move them to the Notifications Centre without marking them as read. Just click the button above the notifications.

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