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9. Other

9.03 Daktela CC Installation + 100 GB Storage

9.03 Daktela CC Installation + 100 GB Storage

The "Daktela CC Installation" is a recurring monthly fee associated with the ongoing usage and maintenance of a single instance of Daktela Contact Center. It encompasses essential services required for the continuous operation of a contact centre, such as access to software updates, technical support, and platform enhancements. Please note that this fee specifically covers the regular, uninterrupted operation of a Daktela CC instance and does not include any one-time installation fees incurred during the initial setup process.
The "Daktela CC Installation" fee also includes allocating the first 100 GB of storage, intended to accommodate comments and email attachments within the contact centre environment. Any storage requirements exceeding this initial 100 GB threshold are subject to pricing on a per-GB basis. Call recordings, application files, and database data are not subject to this storage limit.

Licensing Options

  • Licensing for the Daktela CC Installation is based on a per Daktela installation basis.

Conditions for back-ups

The following backup conditions are valid for Daktela Cloud installations unless overridden by contractual agreements or a product with different terms.

  • Daktela installations are backed up three times per day at various times using different technologies

  • Backup by each of the technology is no more than 24 hours old (+ reserve for backup runtime)

9.03 On-premise installation (Outside Daktela Cloud)

9.03 On-premise installation (Outside Daktela Cloud)

The "On-premise installation (Outside Daktela Cloud)" (9.04) is an additional fee that applies when clients choose to host their Daktela instance outside of the data centres directly managed by Daktela. This option is suitable for organizations with specific infrastructure requirements or security considerations that necessitate an on-premise setup. However, hosting the instance outside Daktela Cloud involves extra maintenance and management efforts due to the absence of some automation procedures typically available in our cloud-based solutions. Our infrastructure team may not have direct control over all architecture levels in this scenario, which can result in non-standard procedures and configurations. As a result, the additional fee covers the resources and expertise required to ensure the smooth operation of your on-premise Daktela instance and addresses the unique challenges associated with this hosting choice.

The monthly fee is associated with an initial one-off fee that is intended to cover the specialized work and efforts required for the installation and setup of your Daktela instance outside our standard cloud infrastructure (6.21). It reflects the additional time, expertise, and resources needed to configure the system according to the custom infrastructure.

Licensing Options

  • Licensing for the On-premise installation is based on a per Daktela installation basis. (9.04)

Conditions for back-ups

The backup conditions for non-Daktela cloud differ because Daktela does not control the environment for on-premise installations. Each installation usually comprises two storage drives - an operational and an archive. The operational drive contains the application, database, and recent attachment data. An archive contains attachments and recordings older than a certain amount of days.

The backup procedure is as follows:

  • The operational drive is backed up to Daktela cloud twice daily in a short sequence into two locations. This means the last available backup is no more than 24 hours old (+ reserve for backup runtime).

  • There is no backup on the level of virtualisation. This environment is in the control of the customer and needs to be handled by the customer's technology.

  • There is no backup of the archive drive. This needs to be handled by the customer's technology.

  • There is no backup of the call recordings, even on the operational drive.

The connectivity to Daktela cloud needs to be sufficient for Daktela to perform backups. During restore procedure the extra time caused by connectivity limitations is not counted towards SLA terms.

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