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Daktela Features

Feature Maturity

The feature maturity model outlines the progression of a feature from its initial concept to full-scale production. We emphasize three pivotal stages for efficient feature management and deployment. Features in Beta and Early Production will be clearly flagged. Otherwise, the feature is considered in a Full Production mode.

  1. Beta Version
    The feature is in the final stages of development and is tested in a proof-of-concept mode. It is expected to contain some bugs or unhandled scenarios. SLA (Service Level Agreement) terms do not cover such features.

  2. Early Production
    The feature has been released in production recently, but has yet to be tested in a wide range of customer environments.

  3. Full Production
    The feature has undergone extensive testing in many customer environments, typically involving at least five heavy-user customers. It has been operational for at least three months in various real-world scenarios.

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