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MS Teams Devices

An MS Teams Device handles calls made or received via Microsoft Teams. Go to Manage → Devices → MS Teams Devices to manage them.

Create a New MS Teams Device/Edit an MS Teams Device

Create a New MS Teams Device/Edit an MS Teams Device

To create a new MS Teams device from scratch, click Add new.

To use an existing MS Teams device as a template for your new one, click Clone in the Actions column.

To edit an existing MS Teams device, click its title.

The MS Teams device details will open.

MS Teams Device Details

MS Teams Device Details

Set up your MS Teams device:



MS Teams device

Enter the user's extension number from MS Teams.


Enter a title, e.g. the user's name.

Description (optional)

Enter a description to help you identify the device in future.

Save the device.

After you have set up your MS Teams Device, you need to configure the user in PowerShell.

Working With Devices

Working With Devices

When you have set up your device, you can:

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