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Remote Support

We can help you get set up or find a solution to a technical difficulty remotely using different desktop sharing and control software:



  • Download TeamViewer 11 from our web (we support version 11).

  • Run the downloaded file.

  • Select whether you want to install or just run and then select type of use (if you don't have a license, choose non-commercial use).

  • Send us your ID and password.



  • The support technician's connection needs to be confirmed due to safety reasons.

Google Desktop Sharing

Google Desktop Sharing

  • You need to have Google Chrome browser installed.

  • You need to have an active Google account (on-demand access will be provided by technical support).

  • Add the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome web store to your browser.

  • Add new application

  • After you add the app, a new tab with your available applications will open (if it doesn't, enter chrome://apps/ into the address bar).

  • Authorise access to your computer.

  • Accept the required permissions.

  • Click on the Share button.

  • Install the software as instructed.

  • Send the access code to your support technician.

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